Resources List



Bethany Christian Services, pregnant teens/women  1-800-BETHANY- National Hotline After Hours 800-238-4269, Service/Intake 714-994-0500.

Nigh Life Christian Adoption Kathryn Deiters  714-278-1020.  801 E. Chapman Ave. #106, Fullerton.

Family Law Attorney Ron Stoddart  714-990-5100.  2260 N. State College Blvd., Fullerton.

House Of Ruth  909-988-5559.  (Hotline number), (Hotline/Talkline/Warmline) 909-623-4364 (Service/Intake and Administration), 12808 Woodruff Ave.  Open Adoption - Christian program.


Hotline  1-800-540-4000.  L.A. County Child Abuse Hotline.

Angel Step Inn  562-461-9272.   Children 12 years and younger, and female children 17 years and younger are accepted.  Counseling services, 24 hr. intake.

House Of Ruth  323-266-4139. (Service/Intake and Administration),  undocumented and emancipated minors.

Our Lady Of the Angels  800-833-2499.  DV, at risk youth 10-17, (Shelter /24 Hour Intake).


Angel Step Inn  562-461-9272. Children 12 years and younger and female children 17 years and younger are accepted, counseling services, 24 hr. intake. 

Free Spirit  800-548-2722.  (24-Hour All Services Hotline) (Hotline/Talkline) 232-937-1312 (Free Spirit Shelter Hotline) (Hotline/Talkline) Bilingual.  Women must be 18 or older, and may be single or up to five months pregnant.  Women with female children of all ages, and male children up to age 10 are accepted.

Harvest House  310-452-1223.  (Service/Intake and Administration),  Pregnant women age 18 and older, counseling.

Haven Hills  818-887-6589.

Haven House  323-681-2626.  Pasadena, (24-hr hotline, bilingual, intake), must be currently sober or drug-free. Serves women age 18 and older who have been battered, and their children, including women from other states who are fleeing a batterer.  The shelter also accommodates women with disabilities, including hearing impairments and single women.

Hope  562-661-0358.  (Service/Intake). Agency provides shelter for single women, single men, single mothers with children, single fathers with children, and pregnant women.

House Of Ruth  323-266-4139.  (Service/Intake and Administration).  Undocumented and emancipated minors, male children 9 years and younger, and pregnant women.

Interface  800-636-6738  (DV Service/Intake),  800-339-9597 (Service/Intake),  24 hrs.

Interval House  562-594-4555.  Seal Beach.  Will take women and children, outreach, counseling, legal services.  30 languages.

Institute For Multicultural Educational Services (walk-in center only), (English, Armenian, Farsi, Spanish, Russian, Korean),  213-381-1250.

Jenesse Center  800-479-7328.  24 hours.  Spanish/English, women and children.

Jewish Family Service of LA/Tamar House  818-789-1293.

Spanish and Farsi Rainbow  310-547-9343.  (24 Hours) (Service/Intake and Hotline), individual, group counseling.

Sojourn  310-264-6644.

Su Casa  562-402-4888.  (24-hour Hotline) (Service/Intake/Hotline) Lakewood. Takes battered women w/children or w/out.  Support groups.

Sunrise Village  818-242-1106.  An agency secures permanent homes for individuals and families experiencing homelessness.

Tamar House  818-505-0900.

Valley Oasis  800-282-4808.

Women Shelter of Long Beach  562-437-4663.  (HER HOME), 24 hours.

WCCS  562-945-3939.  Compton, Long Beach, LA, legal assistance, counseling, support groups.

Wings  626-967-0658.  1736 LA  213-745-6434  310-370-5902 (24 Hrs-DV Shelter Hotline), (Service/Intake and Hotline), 562-388-7652 (24Hrs-Crisis Hotline), (Service/Intake and Hotline), 1736 SB 310-370-5902.  1736 LB 562-388-7652.


WTLC  714-992-1931.  (24 Hour Hotline) (Service/Intake and Hotline) Groups are not therapeutic in nature; they are conducted as peer support groups. 24 hours.

Human Option Irvine  949-737-5242., 24 hours, emergency shelter.

Laura House  866-498-1511.


TLC Single Women Under 18, call Brenda Collard at  562-424-0775.

Living Well  714-375-7575.  8700 Warner, Suite 140, Fountain Valley, 92708.


Women Only Victory Outreach  Fullerton 714-879-2682.

Women's Home Sister Virginia Curtis  562-691-1525,  and Men's Home Brother Orlando Contreras  714-852-9119.  Live-in, 12 month, Christian care homes for adult men and women who have drug and/or alcohol problems.

Women or Men Teen Challenge  Lynwood,  323-569-2818.

Men Only Victory Outreach  Long Beach,  562-426-4226 .

More Resources



Woman to Woman Recovery Program  780 Atlantic LB. 562-426-8262.

Stork Club/Options for Recovery Harbor General  310-222-2345 - 1000 Harbor Blvd, Torrance.  310-222-5410 -  1124 W. Carson St. Torrance 90032. 


Baby Step Inn  562-986-5525.  1755 Freeman Av. Long Beach 90804.  Residential treatment center (drug and alcohol).

Options For Recovery  Out patient 562-5410  Options for Recovery/Stork Club 310-222-5410 (Service/Intake and Administration) 1124 W. Carson St., Bldg. N-33 Torrance CA, 90502.  Substance abuse services for pregnant and parenting women (with children up to age 18).


BETHANY CHAPEL  310-433-5771.  2209 E. 6th st, Long Beach (by 6th and Dawson).  Hot meals on 1st & 3rd Thursday every month at 6PM.

Bienestar Human Services  525 W 7Th St, Long Beach, CA 90813.  Service/Intake and Administration 562-628-9687, Mon-Fri 9:00am-6:00pm.

Christian Outreach In Action  562-432-1440.  515 E. 3rd ST, Long Beach, CA Food, Clothing, Shelter, (HUD). Anyone can go to dinner at 5:00 p.m.  Monday-Thursday, near 3rd/Linden.

Catholic Charities  562-591-1351.  123 14th St.Long Beach, CA 90813.

Centro Shalom  562-591-2214.  2131 Long Beach Blvd Legal Assistance as well.

COA  562-432-1440.  515 E.3rd. St. Long Beach: Food Five Away Tu/Th Clothes Giveaway M/W  9 am-2 pm.

Community Services Referrals Info line  310-603-8962.  Shelter Food, Medi-Cal, 24 hours.  800-339-6993.

Food Bank of Southern California 1444 San Francisco Ave, Long Beach, CA 90813.

Lutheran Social Services 1611 Pine,  562-599-1321.

Orange County Community Church  714-897-6670.  Free food for children 5-6.

Help Me, Help You  St.Luke’s Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.  525 W 7Th St,Long Beach, CA 90813. Administrative 562-733-1147 Ext.160.  Wednesday.  9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

St.Francis Center-Long Beach 1041 E. 7th St, Long Beach, CA 90813, Service/Intake and Administration



Atlantic Health Services  562-218-5400, 1711 Atlantic Ave,Long Beach, CA 90813.  Shelter and substance abuse services.

Beacon Light Mission  310-830-7063.  525 N. Broad Ave. Wilmington CA, 90744. over 18, men & women, 7 night temporary shelter for homeless men, food, clothing and mail services.

Beyond Shelter  818-834-4885. Satellite offices in Long Beach, South Central Los Angeles, and Pacoima.

Casa Youth Shelter  562-594-6825.  10911 Reagan St., Los Alamitos 90270.  17 years and under only.

Catholic Social Services  562-591-1351.  123 E. 14th St., Long Beach.  Family shelter, need I.D.

LB Community Services  562-437-0681.  2179 Pacific Ave., Long Beach.  Refers to available shelters.

Long Beach Family Shelter For the The Homeless  562-427-1000.  (People w/ Disabilities - Disabled Resources Center) (Service/Intake), elderly, families, NO drug/alcohol problems.

LB Multi-Purpose Center  562-733-1147.

LB Rescue Mission (Men Only)  562-591-1292.  1335 Pacific Ave.

Long Beach Shelter  562-437-4663.  Long Beach emergency shelter.

Lydia House  562-591-1292. 1335 Pacific Ave., Long Beach.  Takes battered women, pregnant women and children.

Our Lady of the Angels  800-833-2499.  DV, at risk youth 10-17, (Shelter/24 Hour Intake) (Service/Intake).

The Sheepfold  714-237-1444.  Anaheim, pregnancy not required.  Takes women with children 6 months (battered or homeless), Monday-Friday 9-4 pm.

Doors of Hope Women's Shelter  & Beacon Light Mission  310-830-7063.  Ministries of The Southern California Floating Christian Endeavor Association - 525 Broad Avenue, Wilmington, CA 90744. |

Beacon Light Mission  310-830-7063.  7 night temporary shelter for homeless men, food, clothing and mail services.


Angel’s Way  818-346-2229.  Single pregnant women, over 18, no children.

Booths Meorial  323-225-1586.  Care for pregnant or parenting teens.

Casa De Los Angelitios  310-325-8208.  (Service/Intake and Administration), Over 18, no children.

Elizabeth House  626-577-4434.   (Service/Intake), faith based, over 18, children under 5.

His Nesting Place  562-422-2137.  350 E. Market St., Long Beach.  Takes pregnant women with or without children. Also takes women not pregnant but with a child 6-12 months old.

Mary’s Shelter  714-730-0930.  Service/Intake and Administration), pregnant teen and at risk teen mom under the age of 18, and children from birth to age 24 months.

Our Lady Of the Angels  800-833-2499.  DV, at risk youth 10-17, (Shelter / 24 Hour Intake) (Service/Intake).

Precious Life  562-431-5025.

Queen Of Peace  310-635-3020.

St.Anne’s Maternity Home  213-381-2931.  At risk youth 12-18, at risk of pregnancy.


Evergreen Christian Shelter  323-777-2637.

His Nesting Place  562-422-2137.  350 E. Market St., Long Beach.  Takes pregnant women with or without children. Also takes women not pregnant but with a child 6-12 months old.

Missionaries Of Charity (Queen Of Peace)  310-635-3264.  10950 California, Lynwood.  Takes children under 5 yrs. old only.  Staff speaks English and Spanish.

The Sheepfold  714-237-1444.  Anaheim, pregnancy not required. 

More Resources



Angel's Way  Canoga Park,  818-346-2229.

Bethany Christian Services  Modesto,  209-522-5121,  800-238-4269.  Provides homes for pregnant women placing their baby for adoption (optional).

Bethesada House – Salvation Army  213-896-9155.  Accepts pregnant women H.I.V. & their children.  832 W 9th St. Los Angeles CA 90015.

Casa De Los Angelitos  (no children)  310-325-8208.

Casa Teresa  (no children)  714-538-4860.

Elizabeth House  Pasadena,  626-577-4434.

Harvest Home  Santa Monica  (no children)   310-452-1223.

Queen Of Peace  Lynwood,  (children under 5 years only),  310-635-3264.


Community Services Program Youth Shelter  714-494-4311.  980 Catalina, Laguna Beach.  Pregnant young women in criseis,  11-17 years.  Short term (2-4 weeks).  Main objetive is re-unification with family.

Florence Crittenton Center  213-225-4211,  310-225-4211,  818-265-0320.

Joshua's House  Azuza,  626-334-2231.

Liberty Godparent Home  800-542-4453,  12-17 years old.

Mary Shelter  Tustin,  (minors only),   714-730-0390.


Legal Aid Foudation-LB office  562-435-3501.  601 N Pacific Ave., Long Beach, CA 90802.  Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm.  The agency provides advocacy, domestic violence services, housing services, immigration assistance, legal services and welfare-to-work.


Time To Heal Ministries  Call Susie Ficht  310-434-4208,  or Peggy at 714-638-9558.  A 12 week study at Cypress Grace Church, on Cerritos Ave.  Small confidential groups.


Grace Elliott  310-655-0181.  2813 Wilmington Ave. Compton, CA.

Living Well  714-633-4753.  293 S. Main St.,  Ste. #220, Orange, CA.  Free doctors exam w/positive test.  $20.00 for blood test.

Peace Over Violence  626-793-3385.

M.O.M.S. Clinic  310-925-2250.  9548 E. Artesia Blvd., Artesia, CA.  $10.00 charge for blood test.  Helps women obtain Medi-Cal quickly.  Prenatal care.

South Bay Pregnancy Counseling Center  310-320-8976.  1311 Crenshaw Blvd., Suite A.  Nurse practiioner affiliated with Casa De Los Angelitos.


Rape Hotline  310-597-2002,  310-594-6030.  Counseling and legal help 24 hours per day.

Final List Of Resources



Reid High School  562-989-2098.  W. Hill St., Long Beach, CA.  Free Child Care, 10-15 years old.

Tracy High School  562-926-7136. 12222 Cuesta Dr., Cerritos, CA 90703.


LACOUNTY.GOV   Need verification with date of last menstrual period and due date.  If you need to get on Medi-Cal,  you must call and make an appointment with a social worker.

Carson Area  (AFDC only).  310-761-2200. 17600 Santa Fe Ave., Long Beach.  Services Wilmington and Long Beach.

Compton  (AFDC, Medi-Cal).  310-603-8411.  211 E. Alondra Blvd.

LA County Dept Of Public Social Services  626-569-4298 ,  877-597-4777.

North Long Beach  310-984-9951.  1215 E. San Antonio Dr., Long Beach CA.

Norwalk  (AFDC, Medi-Cal)  310-807-7640.  12727 Norwalk Blvd.  Serves Lakewood, Bellfower, and Cerritos  (close to Imerpieral Hwy.).

Torrance Office  310-326-0207.  Service/Intake  877-319-0732.  22600 Crenshaw Blvd., Torrance, CA 90505  


Alexandria House  213-381-2649.  426 S. Alexandria, Los Angeles.  Must be referred by an agency.  For single women and single women with children. Applicant must not be currently active in drug/alcohol use.

Beacon Housing Inc.  323-256-6975.  Services for single women 18 years and older and women with their children who are, primarily, victims of domestic violence in Los Angeles County.  Women must be transitioning from an emergency shelter environment to be eligible for the program.  Children 10 years and younger are accepted.  The maximum length of stay is 24 months  


Long Beach  2961 E Victoria St, Rancho Dominguez, CA 90221.  Contact Information: Service/Intake 310-603-5000. Participant Help Line Service/Intake:  310-603-5100. Participant Help Line Service/Intake 310-603-5250.

Torres Martinez Tribal Tanif-LB Office  4500 E Pacific Coast Hwy, Long Beach, CA 90804.  Service/Intake and Administration  800-665-7649.  Service/Intake and Administration  310-878-1600.

Compton  17600 S Santa Fe Ave, Suite A Compton, CA 90221.  Mon-Fri Service/Intake  310-761-2261.  Participant Help Line Service/Intake  310-761-2191.

Norwalk  12727 Norwalk Blvd, Norwalk, CA 90650.  Mon-Fri 8am-5pm.   Service/Intake  562-807-7840.  Participant help line, Service/Intake 562-807-7840.