About Us



Over the last 30 years, our mission has evolved from helping homeless pregnant women to homeless women with children, who may or may not be pregnant, and victims of human trafficking and  domestic violence. This evolution is a result of our community suffering from a  significant increase of welfare reform and human trafficking. We provide a  safe shelter in a stable, caring, structured home environment. We provide individualized goal-oriented programs. We  provide opportunities that empower women to break free of the welfare cycle to become independent contributing members of society. We cherish life, honor  motherhood, and empower women.


Our plan is to unite the community  to be service-oriented to meet the needs of the neediest in our community and to  offer hope to women who have no hope. Our goal  is not to make them dependent on us, but to give them a hand up, not a hand  out.

Who we are

New Life Beginnings, Inc. (NLB) began in 1984 as a 501 C-3 non-profit organization. NLB serves a diverse racial and cultural population of pregnant women in crisis. Through our Mothers Home, we provide a safe, loving, and caring shelter for indigent pregnant women who have no other resource of help.  Our first Mothers Home, purchased in 1986, is located in an old historical Sears Roebuck catalog house built in 1904. In this home, located in the heart of the 6th District in Long Beach, we were able to house eight residents.  Since our inception, the demand for our services has increased. In an effort to meet this growing need we purchased a new facility at 835 E. 6th Street in Long Beach in 1999. Our housing capacity increased to 20 plus women and children. Our goal is to keep the family together and prevent the children from being separated from their mothers and placed in foster care.   

Services provided

New Life Beginnings, Inc. provides long-term shelter care for pregnant women and their children. Mothers Home is a safe and stable environment that allows these mothers to experience life restoration.  While in our home, women are engaged in a personal program that will allow them to break through the welfare cycle and become a contributing member of society.

The following are services that we offer are, but not limited to:

Long-Term Housing

On-The-Job Training 

Career Planning and Preparation

Parenting/Child Development

Health and Nutrition Education

Smoking, Drinking, and Drug Prevention

Child Abuse Prevention

Domestic Violence Program

Medical, Legal and Adoption Referrals 

Welfare to work

In March 2005, we opened Treasure Hunt Thrift Store. This store affords us the opportunity of raising some much needed funds to supplement our shelter. Also, the women of our home can train at the store and learn a marketable skill. This allows the women to gain a sense of accomplishment and acquire job skills.  Because of this training, they become employable and able to care for their own families. Through our thrift store, we started a program called Project H.O.P.E. (Helping Others by Providing Experience) in 2013. This provides job training and work experience for other women as well.  

Funding sources

Our very existence and ability to give quality service to homeless woman and children relies on the tax-deductible monetary contributions from individuals, clubs and organizations, businesses, churches, and special events.

More About Us


Women’s Resource Center

NLB opened Women’s Resource Center to support women in crisis pregnancies, educate mothers, and break the cycle of poverty through our pro-life center’s services. To achieve our mission, we do free pregnancy tests, counseling, prenatal and parenting classes, substance abuse prevention classes, domestic violence classes, local community referrals for housing and in-kind services, and adoption resources and support.

Jenni’s Refuge

Our emergency shelter provides 24-hour temporary shelter for women, who may or may not be pregnant, and with or without children. We want to help women and children who need to get off the streets immediately, due to human trafficking situations or those in a domestic violence crisis, find a safe place. Our goal is not to make them dependent on us, but to give them a hand up, not a hand out.